Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is Alexander the Rams' ticket to the promise land?

Of course by "promise land" I am referring to the playoffs, and not the Super Bowl; because that would be silly, right? However, the mediocre Arizona Cardinals team was able to make the Super Bowl two seasons ago, despite winning less than ten games during the regular season. But the Rams don't seem to have the same momentum as that Cardinals team (at least not now).

The chances of them mimicking that Kurt Warner led Arizona team are slim to none. It is also too early to even discuss that, as the Rams still have a tough battle ahead of them just to win the division. However, the team now has an advantage that they did not have for the majority of the season, and that advantage is Danario Alexander.

Every time Alexander has been healthy, and every time the Rams have incorporated him into the offense, he has made a big impact. He caught a 38-yard touchdown in his NFL debut against San Diego; and last Sunday he scortched the Denver Bronos' secondary for 95-yards.

But his stats alone hardly do justice for his actual value to the team. His presence was a big reason why Sam Bradford had a career day against Denver. Alexander, with his size (6'5" 215 lbs.), and speed (4.4 second 40-yard dash) has the ability to scare a defense. When the Rams send him deep, the opposing team can not ignore it, and they certainly can not leave only one man on him. The threat of the deep ball, combined with a smart and accurate quarterback, allows the passing offense to be fluid, and gain momentum.

The Atlanta Falcons are the number one ranked team in most power rankings, and the Rams were able to keep up with them for the majority of the game. That should tell everyone that the Rams are not a fluke, and they are not just benefiting from an easy schedule; they are actually a solid team. A solid team with a new key weapon. If that weapon stays healthy, then they have a great shot at winning the division, and even a shot at winning a playoff game, as oppose to just showing up for one.
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