October Miracle!

Cardinals Cough Up Game 2: Series Tied 1-1

Fox World Series Infrared Camera Picks Up Shocking Footage

The Cardinals Win the Pennant!

Franklin Blows Fourth Save As Cardinals Lose 2-1
"The St. Louis Cardinals' impressive hot streak on offense came to an erupt stop as the team entered a pitching battle today against the Los Angeles Dodgers." CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Cardinal Fans Practicing Cautious Optimism
"After the disappointing headlines that fans endured during the off-season regarding Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright, and the woeful 2-6 start to the 2011 season, most fans were probably beginning to assume that they were about to witness 2010 version 2.0."... CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Garcia Makes Doubters Blush, but Team Makes Faithful Gush
"Following a horrendous spring training, in which Jamie Garcia gave up 37 hits and 15 earned runs in his final 17 innings, many questioned whether or not Garcia would be able to build on top of his impressive rookie campaign, where he accumulated 14 wins...." CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

First Annual STLsport Awards- 2010
"The Biggest Bust of 2010- The 2010 Cardinals
It was there for the taking, but they did not capitalize. It was ready to go. They entered 2010 with two Cy Young caliber starters, two outfielders that have won Silver Slugger awards, a Golden Glove catcher, and not to mention the best baseball player in the world at first-base. Yet the team finished the season with a pedestrian 86-76 record, and they failed to make the playoffs. To make things even worse, they lost the division to the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds were hardly considered a threat prior to the start of the season..." CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

Cardinals sign Berkman to a 1-year deal
"The St. Louis Cardinals desperately needed to add some firepower to their line-up, and they were able to achieve that by signing the free-agent outfielder Lance Berkman to a one year deal that is worth $8 million. Assuming the Cardinals hang on to disgruntled center-fielder Colby Rasmus, the outfield should feature..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

Musial awarded highest civilian honor
"Stan Musial, the greatest Cardinal to ever live, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The medal is the highest honor that can be awarded to a non-military citizen. The award has been..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

Cardinals Update: Waintwright, Pujols, and Westbrook
"-Adam Wainright was named the runner-up for the 2010 Cy Young Award. Wainwright pitched the first 20 win season of his career in 2010 (with a 20-11 record), had a career best 2.42 ERA..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

What do the Cardinals have planned?
"There are talks that the Cards are discussing a contract for starting pitcher Jake Westbrook. Fine. But we all know that the pitching rotation was not the reason this team failed to make the playoffs..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

LaRussa will return; Mason fired
"The St. Louis Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa will return for his 16th season with the team. LaRussa's one-year contract came to an end at the conclusion of the Cardinals' 2010 season, giving him the option of retirement, or..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

LaRussa and the Cardinals
"Alright. I said I wouldn't do anymore Cardinal articles until there is something worth talking about. The 2010 season, and that pitiful effort displayed by a team full of..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

Cardinals Update
"I am no longer going to write post-game updates after every Cardinals game. We all know where the season is heading, and it is not good. Every game is very repetitive- the pitching is great, but the bats could only score a run, or two..." CLICK HERE For Full Article

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