Monday, November 29, 2010

Rams @ Broncos: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly; Stats


Sam Bradford- Bradford played the best game of his young career yesterday. Going into the game, the Broncos had the worst run defense in the NFL, and had a 'middle of the pack' pass defense; however, Bradford made it look like the exact opposite. Steven Jackson was getting stuffed up the middle all day, but Bradford was able to pick apart the secondary, as he racked up 308 yards and three touchdowns.

The Receivers- The Rams seemed to be doomed at wide-receiver ever since the injury to Mark Clayton. But ever since the San Francisco game, Brandon Gibson and Laurent Robinson have stepped up their game. However, the real stand out yesterday was Danario Alexander.

Billy Devaney mentioned that Alexander is a very resilient person, and it showed yesterday. Yesterday was Alexander's first game back after undergoing his fifth knee surgery, yet he was able to record four catches for 95 yards (including a 45 yard bomb). If Alexander can stay healthy for the remainder of the season, then he will truly be an asset for the Rams as they battle for the NFC West title.

It wasn't just the wide-receivers either. Mike Hoomanawanui proved that he can truly be a weapon for this offense, as he caught a 36 yard touchdown for his sole catch of the day. The only downside is that Hoomanawanui was injured early in the game and did not return, he has been battling injury for the majority of the season. But even though they lost Big Mike, tight-end Billy Bajema was able to step up and fill his shoes. Bajema, who is known primarily for his blocking (as oppose to receiving), caught three passes for 32 yards and two touchdowns.

Pat Shurmur- Shurmur called a really good game for at least three quarters. The return of Alexander really gave him confidence in calling the deep ball, and it really helped to spark the offense. He also used some effective creativity with Danny Amendola. Amendola got three carries on reverse style plays, which resulted in 48 yards. However...


Pat Shurmur- Shurmur's play calling really went down hill in the fourth quarter. Since the team still won, this wouldn't be so bad IF it was not a reoccurring theme with Shurmur. On the final drive of the game a first down would've won the game... so he ran the ball three times in a row, despite the fact that the Denver defense was stuffing the run in the fourth quarter. I realize that they wanted to kill time, but the Denver offense was red hot at that point, so they should have gone for the win. He was able to squeak by with a victory this week, and also in the game against San Diego; but it cost them the games against Tampa Bay and San Francisco, and it could very well cost them some games in the future.

The Defense- The defense was able to get some big stops throughout the game, but it still was not one of their best games in 2010. The pass defense was non-existent in the fourth quarter; receivers were making big catches with no one even near them. The Rams' pass defense is just as much at fault for Denver's fourth quarter near-comeback as Shurmur's play calling. The run defense wasn't too hot either, as Denver averaged six yards per attempt, including a touchdown.

Josh Brown- It would not be smart to replace him at this point in the season, but I think it would be great to give Brown some competition in training camp next year. The Rams fake field-goal attempt against the 49er's (which was actually a punt) was the difference in that game, and could possibly be a sign that the coaches don't have a lot of faith in Brown when the attempt is more that 50 yards. He missed field-goals in the first three games at very doable distances (the miss against Oakland was the difference in the game), and yesterday he missed another field-goal, as well as an extra-point.


Milestones- Not only was yesterday's win the first road victory for the Rams in 2010, but it was also their first road win in Denver since 1979. They play in different conferences, but still... that's definitely ugly.



S. Bradford22/3730830
S. Jackson2972020
D. Amendola348030
K. Darby2413
S. Bradford1-10-1
D. Alexander495045
L. Robinson458023
D. Amendola441017
M. Hoomanawanui136136T
B. Bajema332226T
B. Gibson329014
D. Fells223013
S. Jackson1-60-6


K. Orton24/4134730
K. Moreno1256116
L. Ball431017
E. Royal120020
C. Buckhalter112012
B. Lloyd476241T
E. Royal674124
K. Moreno662031
J. Gaffney359028
E. Decker248038
D. Gronkowski113013
S. Larsen111011
D. Graham1404

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rams squeak by for their first road win, beating Denver 36-33

It looked to be a typical 2010 Rams road game. Denver managed to gain a 10-0 lead in the first quarter with a RB Knowshon Moreno touchdown, as well as a field-goal. In fact, Denver gained 120 yards before St. Louis could even gain 10.

The offense got back on track later in the first quarter, as QB Sam Bradford hit TE Mike Hoomanawanui for a 36-yard touchdown. The first quarter ended with Denver ahead 10-7.

Denver increased their lead to 13-7 with a field-goal, but the Broncos' offense disappeared for a long time after that. St. Louis got the ball back, and they were able to score five different times before Denver touched the scoreboard again.

The first of the five scores came off of a 2-yard touchdown reception by TE Billy Bajema, and the Rams were suddenly winning 14-13. Bajema then caught his second touchdown, a 26-yard pass from Bradford, making the score 20-13 (Brown missed the extra-point) The next two drives following Bajema's second touchdown resulted in Josh Brown field-goals, making the score 26-13 to end the half.

The Rams then took a commanding lead in the second half. The Rams recovered a Moreno fumble in Broncos' territory. RB Steven Jackson then broke free for a 20-yard gain, and the drive ended with a RB Kenneth Darby touchdown on the 1-yard line, giving the Rams a comfortable 33-13 lead. Darby was in the game after Jackson fell on his injured hand the previous play, but Jackson was eventually able to return.

The Rams' luck ran out in the 4th quarter (at least for the most part). With Pat Shurmur's play calling, there is no such thing as a safe lead. Sure, he called a good game the first thee quarter, but it was against a sub-par defense. His play calling, as well as poor execution, almost coughed up the game.

Denver WR Brandon Lloyd got the first score of the fourth quarter, catching a 42-yard touchdown pass from QB Kyle Orton. The Rams answered back with a field-goal, and the score was then 36-20.

Denver receiver Eddie Royal then provided a spark for the Denver offense. Royal converted third-downs left and right, and his streak was topped off with a 16-yard touchdown, but the two-point conversion failed, making the score 36-26 (Rams still on top).

The Rams' anemic fourth quarter offense gave the ball right back into the hand of the hot Denver offense. The Rams defense left receivers wide open, and the Broncos were able to make big completions until the drive was completed by Lloyd, who caught his second touchdown of the day. This made the score 36-33, putting Denver a field-goal away from sending the game into overtime with 1:29 left in the quarter.

Following Llyod's touchdown, Denver attempted an onside-kick, which was recovered the the Rams' LB Chris Chamberlain, giving the ball back to the Rams. The Rams then displayed possibly the most pathetic play calling/execution combination in history. Even though the fourth quarter rushing offense was anemic and unproductive, and even though a first down would've sealed the game, Pat Shurmur inexplicably called a run play... three times in a row, for a whopping four total yards. The Rams were then forced to punt, and P Donnie Jones' kick was tipped, which gave the red hot Denver offense a perfect opportunity to send the game into overtime, or even win it.

Fortunately for the Rams, the defense came up big for the first time in the fourth quarter. With 1:00 on the clock, DE Chris Long broke through for a sack on first down, which killed 20 seconds off the clock. Three incompletion's later Denver turned the ball over on downs, and the Rams took a knee to secure their first road win of the season.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rams @ Broncos: Injury Report

St.Louis Rams 
WR Danario Alexander    Knee        Limited Participation in Practice    Questionable
WR Laurent Robinson      Toe          Full Participation in Practice          Probable
OT Rodger Saffold           Shoulder  Full Participation in Practice          Probable
P  Donnie Jones                L.Calf      Limited Participation in Practice    Probable

Denver Broncos
CB Andre' Goodman      Hip           Did Not Participate In Practice      Out
S  Darcel McBath         Quad          Did Not Participate In Practice      Out
WR Demaryius Thomas Ankle         Did Not Participate In Practice      Out
LB D.J. Williams         Concussion   Limited Participation in Practice     Questionable
LB Robert Ayers           Foot           Full Participation in Practice           Probable

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rams @ Broncos: Pre-Game Package

This Sunday the Rams will travel to Denver in search of their first road win. The Denver Broncos use to be a perennial playoff team, but they have found themselves gradually slipping into the slums of the NFL under head-coach Josh McDaniels.  On the other hand, the Rams seem to be heading in the opposite direction under Steve Spagnuolo. Even though the 4-6 Rams only have one more win than the 3-7 Broncos, the future projections for both teams contrast one another.

But it is really not that surprising if you think about it. The Rams have the best quarterback prospect of the last decade performing like a seasoned veteran, even though he is only a rookie. They also have a fierce defense lead by two of the best up-and-coming defenders in the NFL (Chris Long, James Laurinaitis); and they are only one game out of first place in their division.

Meanwhile, the Broncos have a head-coach that seems inclined to bench his top performers, even if their playoff hopes depend on it (Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler); and he decided to use a first round pick on the nicest guy in the draft (Tim Tebow), as oppose to the most talented player available. The Broncos have also lost five out of their last six games, a stretch that has crippled any playoff hopes for the team.

So if the Rams are going to figure how to win on the road in 2010, then this Sunday in Denver is probably their best opportunity...

The Denver defense is ranked 26th overall in the NFL, giving up 375 yards per game on average. This includes a passing defense that is ranked 20th in the league with 232 passing yards per game (right on par with the Rams 19th ranked passing defense); and a run defense that has been trampled for 143 yards per game, which ranks 31st in the NFL.

Given the stats, it is clear that the Rams should feel comfortable with RB Steven Jackson carrying the offense. The Denver pass defense isn't fierce, and the Rams can certainly get ahead through the air; but if the Rams do get ahead, then Pat Shurmur will certainly love the fact that Denver's poor run defense will warrant a conservative 'run-first offense' to finish the game.

Though the Broncos' defense has lost them a lot of games, their offense is another story. QB Kyle Orton and WR Brandon Lloyd have been hooking up all season, and they have made Denver's air-attack the 4th best in the NFL. Lloyd already has 1046 yards, and Orton has 3023 passing yards with 17 touchdowns.

The Rams are lucky with both FS OJ Atogwe and CB Ron Bartell returning from injury. Both received injuries during the Atlanta game, and their absence was easily noticed. Bartell will need to stay on the field for all four quarter this Sunday, because Ram fans can not bare another week of 'The Jerome Murphy Show' at cornerback.

The Broncos rushing attack ranks dead last in the NFL with only 75 yards per game. However, starting RB Knowshon Moreno just returned from injury a couple weeks ago, and their rushing attack has improved since then. But either way, Moreno's presence should not make much of a difference against the Rams' fearsome run defense; and it is clear that the Rams' pass defense will be the deciding factor towards the defense's overall success.

If the Denver run defense is as poor as it is on paper, then the Rams should be able to control the time of possession, and the game's outcome will be heavily in their favor. However, if the Denver run defense stiffens up, and the Rams face a lot of three-and-outs, then it could be a disappointing day.

PREDICTION: Rams 26  Broncos 17 

St. Louis Rams
Passing             Att   Cmp    Yds   TDs
Sam Bradford    376   228    2158   14
Rushing            Car   Yds     Avg   TDs
S.Jackson          203   811       4       3
K.Darby            27      86      3.2      1
Receiving         Rec   Yds     Avg   TDs
D.Amendola       60    493      8.2      3
B.Gibson            31    342      11       2

Denver Broncos
Passing         Att    Cmp Yds     TDs
Kyle Orton   388   241   3023   17
Tim Tebow     1        1        3      1
Rushing        Car    Yds   Avg     TDs
K. Moreno   111   416     3.7         3
Kyle Orton     20     93     4.6         0
Receiving     Rec    Yds  Avg     TDs
B.Lloyd          54     1046   19.4       7
Jabar Gaffney 51       606   11.9       2

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rams fans have a lot to be thankful for

It is easy for an emotional fan to point out the current negatives surrounding the team; such as the fact the Rams just lost two games in a row for the first time since the start of the season, or that the team has yet to win a road game (as the team prepares for a three game road trip). But overall, things could be a lot worse for the Rams at this point.

The most glaring positive that fans notice is the four wins. Even if the team does not win one more game for the rest of the season, then this year is still the most successful since 2006 (when the team went 8-8). And the truth is- this team is still in the hunt for the division; they could probably lose two more games and still be in the hunt. It also doesn't hurt their chances that the first place team (Seattle Seahawks) is a team that they have already beat convincingly.

Yes, things could be a lot worse. Instead of Billy Deveaney and Steve Spagnuolo, ownership could have screwed it up again, and put the fans through management similar to the Jay Zygmunt and Scott Linehan crisis; but instead, ownership did their due diligence, and they found a crew seemingly worthy of the task at hand. And of course... the team could still have Marc Bulger at quarterback. I'm sure the receivers are thankful that that's not the case.

The Rams kick off their road trip, and at least two of those games are very winnable for the Rams. The Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals are both 3-7 teams, and the more difficult task will come in the middle of those two games at New Orleans (7-3). The Rams then return home to take on Kansas City and San Francisco, and end the season at Quest Field against the Seahawks (possibly for the division title).

So count your blessings, and rest easy. There is still a lot of football to be played.   

Rams' Future WR Watch: Week 12

I think the Rams need to enter the 2011 draft knowing they will do anything in their power to come away with either AJ Green or Julio Jones (I think that they should sign one of the top receivers via free-agency as well, but that's another story). If Green falls out of the top five, then they need to seriously consider trading up for him. If not, then I think Julio Jones would be a nice consolation prize. At first I liked Michael Floyd slightly better than Jones; simply because I liked Floyd's production a little more, and Jones has a history of dropping balls. But given Jones' measurables, and the fact he is having another productive year, I think Jones has the edge over Floyd. If the Rams aren't in a position to get a receiver in the first round, then the best of the rest (Floyd, Broyles, Baldwin) are all solid options in the second round.

AJ Green: Did not have a game this past Saturday.
SEASON- 41rec 674yds 9td

Michael Floyd: Week 12 vs Army- 3rec 63yds 0td 
SEASON- 62rec 830yds 9td

Julio Jones: Week 12 vs Georgia St.- 7rec 86yds 2td 
SEASON- 65rec 885yds 6td

Jon Baldwin: Week 12 @ S.Florida- 3rec 36yds 0td 
SEASON- 42rec 677yds 5td

Ryan Broyles: Week 12 @ Baylor- 12rec 113yds 1td 
SEASON- 106rec 1309yds 12td

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rams vs Falcons: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


-Considering the state that the current receiving core is in, they played a pretty good game. You could tell that Brandon Gibson was bothered by those two first downs he failed to get last week against San Francisco, as he had better awareness this week, and not to mention his touchdown. Danny Amendola was also an asset, as usual. It was also good to see Laurent Robinson get involved as well. An overall good effort from the receivers, considering that they are limited in the talent department.

-Sam Bradford had another good game, and it was a shame that he didn't getting many opportunities to make something during the majority of the second half. The shovel pass that was intercepted was all him; I'm not going to blame the receiver for not being there, or Pat Shurmur for calling the play (it was an audible anyway), so therefor that was all on Sam. But still, he had a great game, throwing two touchdowns, and getting 233 passing yards.

-TE Mike Hoomanawanui (AKA Big Mike, AKA Illionois Mike) had a good game. His stats for the game, 4 receptions for 46 yards and 1 touchdown, were not particularly gaudy, but he made an impact. He had the 25 yard touchdown reception, so that was an obvious plus, but he also had that first down catch, where he was able to barely get his feet inbounds. He is turning into a nice weapon for Bradford; combine him with Daniel Fells, and you can scratch tight-end off the Rams' 2011 wish-list.

-Pat Shurmur improved this week. When the Rams needed points, he was able to call good aggressive plays that moved the ball quickly. The Rams just didn't have the ball enough in the second half. However...


-...why does it take the Rams losing the lead, or the opposing offense heating up, before he goes to attack mode? Why can't he turn up the intensity when it comes to putting the game away? Why can't he be aggressive when it comes to securing a 14 point lead, as oppose to only being aggressive when the team is down, or the when they're about to lose a lead? This team has been able to score all season long when he needs them to, or when he has allowed them to.

-Between the unnecessary roughness penalty, the defensive holding and illegal contact penalties, and the other penalties, this team was just flat out undisciplined today.  This is just a hunch, but surely that lack of self-control is completely unacceptable in the eyes of a coach like Steve Spagnuolo; he does not seem like the type to take that lightly, and he will likely work on that this week.

-The defensive line had a very poor game. The line did not record a single sack the entire game, and Matt Ryan had sufficient time to throw the ball. They also allowed the opposing rushers to break through for 141 rushing yards.


-The defensive backfield was absolutely brutal today. The injuries to OJ Atogwe (although he returned) and Ron Bartell certainly did not help the cause; but either way, this unit was completely flattened today by the Atlanta receivers. I know that the Rams had some young guys in there, but it doesn't take five years experience to learn that you don't leave the top receiver in the NFL (Roddy White) wide open on multiple occasions. This unit also failed to create any turnovers (for a second week in a row), which could've kept the team in the game. Their performance today was nothing short of pitiful.

Rams lose to Falcons 34-17: Post-Game

The Rams were able to stay competitive for the most part, but the Falcons, who are the top ranked team in ESPN's power rankings, were just too much for the young Rams team.

Both teams were forced to punt on their first drives, but the Rams ultimately were able to strike first. On the Rams' second drive of the game, QB Sam Bradford completed a pass to WR Laurent Robinson to the 28-yard line. After the big completion, Bradford was able to hit TE Mike Hoomanawanui for a touchdown, giving the Rams a 7-0 lead.

The Falcons were able to answer back on the next drive with a field-goal, and the Rams answered with a field-goal of their own on the following drive. This made the score 10-3.

After the Rams' field-goal, Atlanta was able to make a 55-yard kick return to the Rams 47-yard line. The NFL's top receiver, Atlanta's Roddy White, then caught a first down, which turned into big trouble after Rams' FS OJ Atogwe was called for unnecessary roughness on the play; that set up a 12-yard touchdown reception by Atlanta WR Brian Finneran, tying the score at 10-10.

The scoring didn't end there for Atlanta. They were able to score field-goals on their next two drives, which were also their last two drives of the half. This ended the half with a 16-10 lead over the Rams.

The Rams entered to 2nd half with some momentum. Atlanta got the ball to start the half, and the Rams' defense forced a punt, a punt that Danny Amendola returned  to Atlanta's 37-yard line. RB Steven Jackson then broke free for a 21-yard run, which was followed by a 9-yard Amendola reception, which set up a touchdown pass from Bradford to WR Brandon Gibson. This gave the Rams the lead once again, 17-16.

On the Falcon's second drive after the Rams touchdown, the Rams defense really started to fall apart. Atogwe was injured on the drive, which really opened up the passing game. Atlanta's Matt Ryan was able to hit TE Justin Peelle for two big completions, including a touchdown, making the score 23-17 Atlanta's lead.

Atlanta was able to get a field-goal on the next drive, making the score 26-17, which gave the Rams the ball back with just over three minutes left in the game. The drive by the Rams looked to be promising. TE Daniel Fells started it off with a first down reception, and Robinson caught the next first down for a 19-yard gain to Atlanta's 36-yard line. After a first down catch by Amendola, he caught another pass, which took the ball to the 2-yard line.

At the 2-yard line the Rams made a fatal mistake. The Rams have not exactly been a solid goal-line team to begin with, but when Bradford had a shovel pass intercepted by Atlanta's William Moore, it made their goal-line offense look that much worse. That was the final nail in the coffin for the Rams.

Atlanta, on their last drive of the game, scored another touchdown after RB Michael Turner broke free into the secondary, and eventually into the end-zone. This made the score 32-17, so when Atlanta decided to go for the 2-point conversion, it naturally attracted a very negative reaction by the fans at the Edward Jones Dome. As if the Falcons going for two wasn't insulting enough, the Rams let them get it, making the final score 34-17.


S. Bradford 27/42 233 2 1
S. Jackson 11 54 0 16
S. Bradford 1 17 0 17
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
D. Amendola 8 63 0 18
L. Robinson 5 55 0 24
M. Hoomanawanui 4 46 1 25T
B. Gibson 5 42 1 13T
D. Fells 1 11 0 11
B. Bajema 1 9 0 9
S. Jackson 3 7 0 9

M. Ryan 26/39 253 2 0
M. Turner 28 131 1 39T
M. Ryan 1 8 0 8
J. Snelling 1 2 0 2
A. Smith 1 -3 0 -3
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
R. White 9 83 0 26
M. Jenkins 5 58 0 19
T. Gonzalez 4 46 0 16
J. Snelling 3 26 0 15
E. Weems 1 18 0 18
J. Peelle 2 14 1 12
B. Finneran 1 12 1 12T
M. Turner 1 -4 0 -4

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rams vs Falcons: Injury Report

Danario AlexanderWRKneeLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
Fred RobbinsDTBackLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
James ButlerSAnkleFull Participation in PracticeProbable
Brit MillerRBHeadFull Participation in PracticeProbable
Rodger SaffoldTAnkleFull Participation in PracticeProbable
Donnie JonesPleft CalfLimited Participation in PracticeProbable

Sean WeatherspoonLBKneeFull Participation in PracticeQuestionable
John AbrahamDEGroinLimited Participation in PracticeQuestionable
Curtis LoftonLBKneeFull Participation in PracticeProbable
Justin PeelleTEGroinFull Participation in PracticeProbable

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rams vs Falcons: Pre-Game Package

Things won't be getting easier for the Rams anytime soon. They are coming off another devastating loss on the road, against the San Francisco 49er's, and this week they will be playing the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is likely the best team that the Rams have seen all season. The Falcons are one of three teams that boast the best record in the NFL at 7-2 (the other two being the New York Jets, and the New England Patriots). They are ranked number two in the Fox Sports power rankings, and they are ranked number one in both the Yahoo Sports power rankings, and ESPN's power rankings.

It won't get better for St.Louis after this game. This is the last game before the Rams leave for their three game road trip, which first takes them to the Denver Broncos (who are coming off a 49-29 victory over a solid Kansas City Chiefs team), then to the Arizona Cardinals, and then to New Orleans to take on the defending Super Bowl champion Saints for the road trip finale.

Given the Rams' inability to win on the road, it is clear that the remaining home games this season are all "must win" games if they want a shot at the division. If the Rams are capable of winning all of the remaining home games, then their playoff hopes will likely be determined by their performance on the three game road trip.

The Rams have already shown an ability to beat solid teams at home. The San Diego Chargers, despite their record, entered St.Louis with the top ranked offense and defense in the the NFL, but the Rams pulled out a victory (San Diego still has the top ranked offense, and the second ranked defense).

The Atlanta Falcons will enter the game with the 8th ranked offense, which is averaging 369.2 yards per game, and they are also putting up 24.7 points per game (8th in the NFL). Their offense is led by third year quarterback Matt Ryan, who has thrown for 2,265 yards this season (10th) for 16 touchdowns (5th), and has a superb 91.9 rating (12th).
Roddy White vs Ron Bartell will be a key match-up.

Ryan's primary target is Roddy White. White has been underrated in the past, but he is clearly one of the elite receivers in the NFL. White has 70 receptions (1st) for 934 yards (2nd) and 7 touchdowns (5th). Tight-end Tony Gonzalez is Ryan's second favorite target; Gonzalez has 41 catches for 402 yards and 3 touchdowns.

As if the receiving threats of White and Gonzalez were not bad enough, the Falcons have a solid run game to compliment their air attack. Michael Turner and Jason Snelling make up one of the more solid backfields in the league. Turner is the feature back with 733 yards and 5 touchdowns, whereas Snelling has 291 yards and 2 touchdowns; both are averaging over four yards per carry.

The Rams defense has been playing very well against the run all year. They have the 6th ranked rushing defense in the NFL, and they are tied for most sacks in the NFL with Green Bay. Given the Rams' ability to stop the run and get pressure, the real key will be cornerback Ron Bartell's ability (or inability) to minimize the inevitable problems that Roddy White will cause.
Rams' WR Danario Alexander is questionable for Suday's game.

The Rams have to be creative with their aerial attack. The Falcons' run defense is ranked 7th (right behind the Rams), so the team can not depend on Steven Jackson carrying the team to a victory. However, the Falcons' pass defense is ranked 23rd (Rams are ranked 18th, just to give you an idea), which means that the Rams are going to have to win this game through the air.

Danario Alexander returned to practice this week, but his availability for the game is questionable. Danny Amendola will lead the receiving core, just like he does every week, but someone else needs to step up. Mardy Gilyard has very little playing time this year, so that means that either Brandon Gibson or Laurent Robinson have to make an impact. The tight-ends Daniel Fells and Mike Hoomanawanui will provide some relief, but in the end, one of the receivers will need to get it done.

The Falcons are playing some very good football, but the Rams are a tough team to beat at home. If the Rams can create turnovers, cover Roddy White, and get creative with their passing game, then they might actually pull out a victory.

PREDICTION: Rams-24 Falcons-20


St.Louis Rams
Passing Att Cmp Yds TDs
Sam Bradford 334 201 1925 12
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
Steven Jackson 192 757 3.9 3
Kenneth Darby 27 86 3.2 1
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
Danny Amendola 52 430 8.3 3
Steven Jackson 25 236 9.4 0

Atlanta Falcons
Passing Att Cmp Yds TDs
Matt Ryan 338 212 2265 16
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
Michael Turner 172 733 4.3 5
Jason Snelling 69 291 4.2 2
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
Roddy White 70 934 13.3 7
Tony Gonzalez 41 402 9.8 3