Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rams vs Eagles: First Half Summary

The St. Louis Rams (0-0) are playing host to the Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) today at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, and the Rams came out of the gates looking like a team ready compete for a division title.

The game started with the Rams kicking off to the Eagles, and the St. Louis defense stepped up. A Bradley Fletcher sack forced Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to punt, which started the Rams first offensive drive.

Although, it wasn't much of a drive, more like one play... a 47-yard touchdown run by Steven Jackson.

However, Jackson had another 10-yard carry on the next drive, but was sidelined with a quad injury for the rest of the half. His return is questionable.

The Eagles made their first score inside the 10-yard-line after Vick hit running back LeSean McCoy with a shovel pass that was pounded into the end-zone.

On the next drive after the Eagles touchdown, the Rams brought the ball to Philadelphia's 35-yard-line when a hand-off between Sam Bradford and running back Cadillac Williams was fumbled and recovered by Juqua Parker, who ran it back into the end-zone for the Eagles second touchdown.  

Each team has a single field-goal as well, which makes the score 17-10, Eagles lead at the half.

The Rams defense is forcing plenty of third-down situations, but they are incapable of stopping the third-down conversions by the Eagles offense. That's something they have to fix before the second-half.

The offense is running the ball well with 115 rushing yards in the first half, but their passing offense is being shut down. The dropped balls by Lance Kendricks and Brandon Gibson are certainly not helping the matter.

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