Saturday, October 1, 2011

Will Spags Feel the Heat If the Rams Lose Tomorrow Against Washington?

Prior to the season, if you said that Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo could be on the hot seat four games into the 2011 season, you would be called crazy.

Last season the Rams bounced back from a terrible 1-15 2009 season. They finished with a 7-9 record and missed the playoffs by one game and rookie quarterback Sam Bradford was the offensive Rookie of the Year. Also, the defense was ranked 12th in points allowed per game.

But given the current state of the team, will Spagnuolo's job be threatened with a loss against theWashington Redskins this coming Sunday?

Logic says that Spagnuolo is safe, even if the Rams lose Sunday and fall to an 0-4 record. 

The Rams are still very much in the hunt for the NFC West title, with a much lighter second half of the season. Even if they lose Sunday, there is still time to cover ground in their embarrassingly weak division. 

The Rams enter their Bye Week after this Sunday. Then they enter a grueling three-game stretch against the Green Bay Packers, the Dallas Cowboys and the New Orleans Saints.

However, they'll see some light at the end of the tunnel with two games against each of their woeful division opponents, as well as the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. They also finish the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are the only clear playoff team on the second half of the Rams schedule.

But winning football games is not like riding a bicycle. If the Rams enter their Week 9 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals with six or even seven losses, can anyone really expect the demoralized team to just flip on a switch and win games? 

It might take the Rams some time to find a groove during the second half of the season, which could result in a very disappointing outcome when considering the city of St. Louis was fully anticipating a division title. 

You can blame it on the schedule or injuries, but truthfully a fanbase that has witnessed their team win only 13 games in the previous four seasons combined is not going to be very forgiving when it comes to excuses, especially considering the hype that surrounded the team entering the season.

The fans may call for blood. 

And honestly it might not even take until the end of the season. 

With a team that is showing very little emotion at the moment, and with three very tough losses to start the season, can owner Stan Kroenke stomach three or four more consecutive losses that are just as troublesome?

If the downward spiral continues, the Rams could perhaps turn to offensive coordinator Josh McDaniel to finish the season as the interim head coach, given his coaching experience in Denver, and the team would likely find a new coach in the offseason.

It's not as if it's too soon to pull the trigger, at least not by the standards of other teams. 

Jim Mora, Mike Singletary, Tom Cable and Eric Mangini were all fired by their respective teams. They were all hired in 2009, the same year Spagnuolo was hired by St. Louis.

But the best thing the Rams can do as a franchise is get back on track and win football games.

Continuity wins in the NFL, so bringing in a new coaching staff will only set the franchise back even further.

Not to mention, if the Rams clean house, Sam Bradford would be forced to learn his third different system in as many years, which is not good for a young quarterback, unless the team is fine with him turning into another Alex Smith.  

So if the Rams want to avoid disaster and several more years of setbacks, the team needs to figure out how to win—and soon. 


  1. If the head coach was fired mid-way through the season McDaniels couldn't do any better. I mean look at how great Denver did when he was there

  2. Rich Brooks. Cameron who knows his name, Spags They all suck! Rams have a losing culture. Chris Long with a 1st round pick? Give me a break! Rams can't draft worth squat. All receivers this year suck big time. Rams have a disease. They should be kicked out of the NFL like a sucky team in the EPL. They just suck. Steven Jackson and all that hair flying dancing at the line. Give me a break. Just hit the hole!!! Rams SUCK!!!!!

  3. Kurt Warner was a savior. Rams are the by far worst team/organization in the NFL. Spags isn't getting it done. Let him go. He is too much a panzy. He needs to rip some new ones instead of kissing up to the players all the time. He has had his chance. Nothing personal, but he is overmatched by this job. He is NOT a head coach. Maybe a Boy Scout Troup would fit his demeanor. Get a guy that shows emotion and gets in someones grill. Spags must go. Dump the Rams in St. Louis. Bring out the brown bags. Send them back to L.A.

  4. What happened to leaders like Merlin Olsen, Jack Youngblood, Deacon Jones???? A once proud tradition now sullied by a bunch of inept players. DB's are porous like a sieve. Find the best high school DB's in St Louis and put them out there. Laurinaitis is great but he is one player. Ram player acquisition is dismal and horrid. The stadium is like an upside down shoe box with stuffy air. St. Louis deserves better. The Cardinals carry on a long tradition of greatness. The Rams are beyond horrible. The is not headed off a cliff, they already are over the cliff and they were led their by Spagnolo. He needs to go. His approach is non-effective. Adios, Spagnolo.

  5. Stan Kroenke should be like his phonetic pronunciation, CRANKY! He should have buyers remourse. This team is a conglomerate disaster headed for the glue factory. The Rams organizational chart is a path to failure and impotence. The players are stealing a paycheck. I hope fans stop going and make owner use his own cash to pay for their ineptitude. You can only provide a mediocre for so long. The Rams need a heart and a flame breathing coaching staff.