Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bradford Ranks High In Efficiency

Is anyone else surprised by how low Sam Bradford's interception total was in 2011? 

It seems like a true "garbage" quarterback would have thrown far more interceptions than touchdowns if placed in a situation similar to Bradford's, and by "situation" I mean his lack of pass protection and the absence of a true receiving threat for the majority of the year. 

Surprisingly, Bradford finished with six touchdowns and only six interceptions in 357 pass attempts, meaning he only throws an interception once every 59.5 pass attempts. 

How would that rank against the other 31 quarterbacks in the NFL? 

As it turns out, Bradfords' interception to pass attempt ratio is the third-best in the entire NFL. 

Check it out...

NOTE: Numbers indicates how many pass attempts it takes before each quarterback throws an interception, so the higher the number the better. 

Alex Smith (49ers)- 89.0
Aaron Rodgers (Packers)- 83.6
Sam Bradford (Rams)- 59.5
Tony Romo (Cowboys)- 52.5
Tom Brady (Patriots)- 50.9
Matt Schaub (Texans)- 48.6
Matt Ryan (Falcons)- 47.1
Drew Brees (Saints)- 46.9
Joe Flacco (Ravens)- 46.1
Tim Tebow (Broncos)- 45.1
Jay Cutler (Bears)- 44.8
Colt McCoy (Browns)- 42.0
Matthew Stafford (Lions)- 41.4
Andy Dalton (Bengals)- 39.6
Blaine Gabbert (Jaguars)- 37.5
Matt Hasselbeck (Titans)- 37.0
Eli Manning (Giants)- 36.8
Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)- 36.6
Tarvaris Jackson (Seahawks)- 34.6
Kevin Kolb (Cardinals)- 31.6
Cam Newton (Panthers) 30.4
Michael Vick (Eagles) 30.2
Mark Sanchez (Jets)- 30.1
Matt Cassel (Chiefs)- 29.8
Philip Rivers (Chargers)- 29.1
Curtis Painter (Colts)- 26.0
Josh Freeman (Buccaneers)- 25.0
Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bills)- 24.7
Rex Grossman (Redskins)- 22.9
Christian Ponder (Vikings)- 22.3
Carson Palmer (Raiders)- 20.5

Other than a few obvious exceptions, such as Philip Rivers and Cam Newton being rated in the bottom half, as well as Alex Smith being rated No. 1, it doesn't look too far off from an actual power ranking of NFL quarterbacks. 

Obviously, this isn't indisputable proof that Bradford is a great quarterback. But still, you would think he would've ranked much lower if he is actually as bad as a few non-believers claim he is. 

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