Tuesday, June 19, 2012

10 Early Winners and Losers of the St. Louis Rams' Offseason

As fans, we judge the team's offseason based on what kind of players were acquired through the draft and free agency and whether or not we're excited for the season to start based on those acquisitions.

We're looking for recognizable names and blue-chip prospects who can better the team and improve the entertainment value.

For the players, who approach the NFL as a profession rather than a source of entertainment, they judge their team's offseason based on whether or not their job is now easier thanks to the added talent.

Not only that, but the players can also hold resentment against the team if the offseason was spent finding their replacement.

So based on the roster moves that have been made over the last several months, which St. Louis Rams players have benefited from the offseason? And which players are likely to suffer as a result of the offseason?  

This slideshow will look at the 10 winners and losers for the Rams this offseason.

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