Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cardinals get blown out by Washington Nationals 14-5

The St.Louis Cardinals, supposedly a "play-off contender", continue to make the Washington Nationals (one of the worst teams in baseball) look like the New York Yankees. They lost 14-5 in Washington.

The game really fell apart when Mike 'The Twig' McDougal continued to pitch in the 8th inning. McDougal has absolutely no business pitching in the Major Leagues. He gave up 6 runs (4 earned) in the 8th inning, including 5 hits, and a HR. He raised his ERA to 7.15. Relief pitcher Jason Motte needs to return, or else the Cardinals are in big trouble.

Starting Pitcher Kyle Lohse gave up 11 hits, 8 runs (all earned), and raised his ERA to 7.12. Even though he is trying to return from an injury, he is still showing Cardinal Nation that he was a terrible signing. With the payroll as thin as it is, from paying Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday, the team can absolutely not afford to waste money on an overpaid, has-been, junk pitcher like Kyle Lohse.

On the offensive side, Jon Jay hit a HR in the 1st inning. Pujols, Lohse, and Lopez all had RBI's as well. Skip Schumaker was the only Cardinal to have multiple hits on the night.

Unless this team can sweep the Reds again, at home, and carry that momentum for the rest of the season, then the playoffs are a pipe-dream. General Manager John Mozeliak better get real busy this off-season, because the fans of St.Louis expect, and deserve much better than this pathetic excuse of a team.  


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