Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cards end winning streak in Pittsburgh, losing 4-3

The Cardinals lost to the Pirates tonight (8/24) 4-3, ending their 3 game winning streak. The Cardinals will look to win the series tomorrow night in Pittsburgh. 

For the majority of the game, the Cardinals had only two runs, from a 2-run HR by Matt Holliday in the 1st inning. But they fought back in the top of the 9th, nearly sending the game into extra-innings. The comeback started with Skip Schumaker hitting a single; Schumaker was then advanced to 2nd base after a base hit by Randy Winn. Aaron Miles then pinched hit (for Brendan Ryan), and advanced both runners one base with a sacrifice bunt. Jon Jay then got a base hit with 1 out, scoring Schumaker, and making the score 4-3. Then Albert Pujols stepped up with two on and one out, he singled, but for whatever reason, 3rd base coach Jose Oquendo did not send Winn home, even though he would have easily scored and tied the game. Felipe Lopez then came to bat (batting in the 5th spot, for some unexplainable reason), and made the last out with an infield pop-fly.

Starting Pitcher Adam Wainwright had a good game, despite getting the loss. He gave up 7 hits in as many innings, and had 6 strike-outs. However, he did give up 4 runs, all earned, raising his ERA to 2.18. It was not his best game, but there was no reason for the Cardinals to lose, and it should have gone into extra-innings at the very least. September is nearing, and the Cardinals can't afford to lose any more game because of stupid base running. 

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