Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rams' Future WR Watch: Week 7

Broyles lacks the size, but his production can't be ignored.

I have decided to add one more receiver into the mix. I am talking about Ryan Broyles of the Oklahoma Sooners. Broyles does not have the size that the Rams need, but with the additions of Donnie Avery, Danny Amendola, Mardy Gilyard, and Mark Clayton, it might be fair to believe that General Manager Billy Devaney prefers the smaller, and quicker receivers. There is also the possibility that the Rams might not even draft a receiver in the first round, so throwing in another receiver with second round potential makes this piece more realistic. Not to mention that Broyles has been flat out impressive all season, getting over 100 yards every week except for one (against Texas). And of course, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Sam Bradford and Broyles played on the same team, so the chemistry may already exist. We saw what happened the last time the Rams brought in a ex-Sooner receiver for Bradford (Clayton); he instantly became the Rams' top receiver. 

Broyles had another big game this week, gaining 182 yards; but the top receiver of this week was clearly Michael Floyd. Floyd racked up 157 yards, and got into the end-zone three times. Julio Jones has been slowed down by a hand injury, but has been able to stay on the field. Meanwhile, AJ Green continues to play solid, despite missing the first four weeks due to a suspension. Jonathan Baldwin has the size, but so far he is looking like the least productive receiver of the bunch. Baldwin had a big 61 yard catch today, but that was his only catch of the day.
MICHAEL FLOYD- NOTRE DAME 6'3" 227 lbs: Week 7 vs W.Michigan- 9 receptions 157 yards 3 TD
                                     SEASON:  44 receptions 624 yards 6 TD

AJ GREEN- GEORGIA 6'4" 212 lbs: Week 7 vs Vanderbilt- 3 receptions 64 yards 1 TD

                                     SEASON: 16 receptions 279 yards 4 TD

JULIO JONES- ALABAMA 6'4" 220 lbs: Week 7 vs Mississippi - 1 receptions 8 yards 0 TD

                                    SEASON:  33 receptions 448 yards 3 TD

JON BALDWIN- PITTSBURGH 6'5" 230 lbs: Week 7 @ Syracuse- 1 receptions 61 yards 0 TD 
                                    SEASON: 25 receptions 383 yards 3 TD

RYAN  BROYLES- OKLAHOMA 5'11" 183 lbs: Week 7 vs Iowa St.- 15 receptions 182 yards 1 TD
                                    SEASON: 61 receptions 700 yards 5 TD

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