Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rams vs. Seahawks- Post-Game Article

The Rams took the field to take on the division rival Seattle Seahawks, and to try and beat them for the first time since the 2004 season. Running-back Steven Jackson injured his groin last week against Washington, so it was widely expected that he would be held out of the game; but he surprised everyone, and took the field. It was a courageous move by Jackson, as the team needed their fearless leader if they wanted a chance to beat the Seahawks for the first time in over five years.

Given the unexpected free-fall of the preseason division favorites, the San Francisco 49er's, the Seattle Seahawks entered the game as the new division favorites, and it showed. At first, nothing was given away, the Rams had to earn everything.

The Rams were shut down on their first offensive drive, however, they were still able to strike early; quarterback Sam Bradford threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to wide-receiver Brandon Gibson, during their second drive, for the first score of the game, making it 7-0.

The defense started the game with some success, forcing Seattle to punt on their first drive. On Seattle's second drive, they were held to only a field-goal, despite the fact Seattle was moving the ball effectively, and that made the score 7-3 (Rams' lead). On their third drive, Seattle failed a 4th-down conversion, after the ball was dropped by Michael Robinson.

The 2nd-quarter was merely a turnover battle. It started when cornerback Bradley Fletcher picked off Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, and ran the ball back inside the 5-yard line. The take-away did not do much good for the Rams though, as Bradford threw an interception to safety Earl Thomas, after he tried to force the ball the wide-receiver Mark Clayton.

Both teams had a chance at a hurry-up drive, towards the end of the 1st-half. It looked as if Seattle was putting together a solid final drive, after successfully pulling of a flea-flicker, completed to running-back Leon Washington. However, the Rams' defense prevailed, forcing what seemed to be a field-goal attempt. The field-goal attempt was a fake, but the kicker was tacked behind the line of scrimmage, turning over the ball. And after a solid effort by the Rams' offense, they were able to close the half with a field-goal, making the score 10-3, Rams' lead.

The Ram's defense started the 2nd-half right, forcing Seattle to punt the ball on their first drive of the half. The Rams then got the ball back. Danny Amendola had a solid 14-yard reception, but it didn't do much, as the ball was moved back after an 'unsportsman like conduct' penalty on Amendola. However, Jackson got the yards back after a 14-yard run, which set up a 21-yard touchdown pass by Bradford, to running-back Kenneth Darby. That made the score 17-3, Rams.

The Rams then resorted to solid defense, and a running-game, in order to try and kill time. By running the ball in the 4th-quarter, Jackson was able to move ahead of Marshall Faulk, and is now number two in total career rushing yards for a Ram.

By the 4th-quarter, the Seahawks began to abandon the run, and they turned to their passing game. Fortunately for the Rams, Fletcher, and Ron Bartell have developed into a solid duo at cornerback, despite an overall poor performance by the Rams' defensive-backfield during the preseason. The defense played a very solid 4th-quarter, they were able to apply pressure, resulting in rookie defensive-end George Selvie's first NFL sack, as well as a tipped pass that was intercepted by defensive-tackle Fred Robbins.

After the final score of the game, a Rams' field-goal, the rest of the game was just a matter of running out the clock, which they were able to do successfully. The Rams' beat the Seattle Seahawks by the score of 20-3, and they now have a 2-2 record.

If Arizona loses to San Diego, then there will be a three-way tie for the best record in the NFC West; between the Rams, the Cardinals, and the Seahawks. The Cardinals would be considered the 1st place team, since they beat the Rams in a head-to-head match-up; and the Rams would be considered the 2nd place team, since they beat Seattle head-to-head. So really, the Rams will be considered the 2nd place team no matter what happens with the Cardinals today.   

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