Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 NFL Draft: Rams Select Austin Pettis of Boise St.

The Rams surprised everyone last round by taking Lance Kendricks, as tight-end was not considered a major need, but they definitely addressed a need by selecting Boise St. wide-receiver Austin Pettis.
Pettis (6’3” 209 pounds), was a four year player for the Boise St. Broncos, and he was a three year starter. He racked up 951 receiving yards with 10 touchdowns in 2010. His put up 2,838 yards and 39 touchdowns during his NCAA career.

The Rams were desperate for a receiver going into the draft, and they’ve now invested 2nd and 3rd round picks in an attempt to find a pass catcher. Kendricks is a tight-end, but Pettis will attempt to solidify the team’s most dire need- wide-receiver.

Pettis will not waltz into Rams Park and become the number one receiver that the Rams are hoping for. His speed and ability to gain separation has been questioned; but he has size, toughness, as well as solid hands. He also has the ability to make big plays.

Fans shouldn’t view him as the team’s new primary receiver, as that is just not likely to happen. He is an attempt to improve the depth of the unit. If he can be the teams No.4 receiver, while having the ability to fill in for the No.2 receiver in the event of an injury, then he will improve the team’s wide-receiver, just not as much as a bona fide top receiver would. 

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