Friday, April 29, 2011

Rams' Second Round Pick is In: Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin

The Rams started thing off last night by drafting DE Robert Quinn out of North Carolina 14th overall. But yesterday is history, and now the Rams just announced their first pick of the night. They drafted Lance Kendricks with the in the 2nd round with the 47th overall pick.

Kendricks (6’3” 243 pounds) is a three year player out of Wisconsin. He recorded five touchdowns with 663 yards last season for the Badgers, and he picked up 1,160 yards and eight touchdowns during his NCAA career in Wisconsin.

It was yet another surprising pick. No mock drafts or analysts considered him an option for St. Louis. Many fans have been excited for the development of Mike Hoomanawanui (drafted in the 5th round last year), but he was injured for the majority of his rookie season. This is likely the result of the Rams taking the best player available in their eyes, regardless of position; and the team was probably not crazy about Hoomanawanui’s injuries last season, so they probably want some depth at the position.

The Rams needed some offensive play makers for Sam Bradford, and Kendricks will certainly help them throw the ball downfield, which is something they struggled with greatly last season. He doesn’t have the size to be a top notch blocking tight end, so he will likely be utilized primarily as a receiver. 

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