Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What do the Cardinals have planned?

There are talks that the Cards are discussing a contract for starting pitcher Jake Westbrook. Fine. But we all know that the pitching rotation was not the reason this team failed to make the playoffs.

The Cards need some more offensive fire power. MLB Trade Rumors mentioned Orlando Hudson as a possibility, but is he really what the Cardinals need? A 32 year old middle infielder who has only hit .300+ once in his career, and who hasn't surpassed 10 homers since 2006? I think Hudson would be an upgrade over Skip Shumaker at second-base, but the Cardinals need to find someone else. I haven't decided who my personal front-runner is for this year's free-agency, but I'll let you know when I decide.

A few more notes...

-If Colby Rasmus doesn't want to play in St.Louis anymore, then fine. However, they need to trade him for a hitter of equal or greater value, not for another pitcher.

-David Freese can not be depended on, and neither can Brendan Ryan. They need a consistent hitter in the infield, preferably someone who has some pop.

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