Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Annual STLsport Awards- 2010

The Best Debate of 2010- Bradford vs. Suh 
Can anyone really argue against this selection? Sure, the effectiveness of Tony LaRussa has been frequently debated, and the hiring of Mark McGwire certainly split the city in two. But fans complain about coaches every single year. Teams rarely get the #1 overall draft pick; and when they do, they typically aren't choosing between two players who are the best prospects that their positions have seen in at least 10 years.

The Biggest Bust of 2010- The 2010 Cardinals
It was there for the taking, but they did not capitalize. It was ready to go. They entered 2010 with two Cy Young caliber starters, two outfielders that have won Silver Slugger awards, a Golden Glove catcher, and not to mention the best baseball player in the world at first-base. Yet the team finished the season with a pedestrian 86-76 record, and they failed to make the playoffs. To make things even worse, they lost the division to the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds were hardly considered a threat prior to the start of the season.

 Controversy Award- Mark McGwire
You have to give the guy credit for completely admitting to his steroid use before accepting the job as the Cardinals' hitting coach. But nonetheless, it stirred up the hornet's nest. Some argued that he was unqualified, and that he put the team's integrity in jeopardy; while others seemed willing to give the former Cardinal icon a chance to come home.

The Comeback Award- The 2010 Rams
With the disappointing end to the Cardinals' 2010 season, and with the Rams returning from a disastrous 1-15 2009 campaign, some St. Louis fans rightfully thought that the area's sports were finished until April of 2011 (at least the good sports). But they were wrong, and the Rams have been able to provide St. Louis with the excitement that the Cardinals couldn't. The Rams will play the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday night for the division title.

The Iron Man Award- Yadier Molina
This award is meant to recognize someone who is downright tough; this award would be an ideal fit for a behind the scenes player that gets the dirty work done on a consistent basis (making a catcher or an offensive-lineman probable selections). Therefore it is tough to select anyone other than Molina, who suited up for 136 games this year.

The Stupid Award- John Mozeliak
This award doesn't necessarily mean that the recipient is permanently stupid. This award can be received for one stupid act, or a series of stupid acts. With the trading of Ryan Ludwick for nothing but a pile of shit in a wheelbarrow, and with the acquisition of Aaron Miles (and actually activating him to the roster, as if he was part of the answer to the offensive struggles), it is hard to not give Mozeliak the stupid award for 2010.

The Heart of St. Louis Award- Danny Amendola
Amendola has failed to make the roster of two NFL teams. He is also undersized and has average speed. Before training camp it was questionable whether or not he would even make the roster, despite the fact he did some good things in 2009. He not only made an NFL roster for a second year in a row, but he has been one of the more electric players in the NFL in 2010. He has certainly been a weapon on offense, as well as special temas.

The Underrated Award- Roger Saffold
Chris Long would've been a decent choice here, but he only lacks recognition from the national media; the city of St. Louis understands his true value. One player that may be a bit more overlooked is Roger Saffold. Saffold was the Rams' 2nd round draft pick back in April, and he has already become an asset. In fact, he's already clearly the best offensive-lineman for the Rams, even better than #2 overall pick Jason Smith, and the former high-profile free-agent Jason Brown.

Rookie of the Year- Sam Bradford
There is really no explanation needed here, unless someone really likes Jaime Garcia. But that's not even a debate worth having. Sam Bradford is clearly the rookie of the year in St. Louis. He has a chance to receive the torch from Pujols and be declared the next big thing in St. Louis.

The Best Game of 2010- Cardinals vs. Mets  April 17th, 2010
The game did not have a happy ending for the home team, as the Cardinals lost 2-1. This game started as a typical Major League game, but lasted 20 innings. This game was certainly not the most exciting, as it was a low scoring affair, and because very few people watched all 20 innings. But even though the game was not a thriller, fans still got to see some humorous antics- such as third-baseman Felipe Lopez on the mound, and pitcher Kyle Lohse in the outfield. It reminded everyone that baseball is still just a game, even at the professional level.

The Best Athlete of 2010- Albert Pujols
Although the Cardinals had an off year, it was just another year of business for Albert. He once again hit over 30 home runs (42), hit over 100 RBI's (118), and hit over .300 (.312). The last time Pujols did not reach all three of those benchmarks in a season? Never... not once in his 10 year career. He remains not only the most dominate athlete in St. Louis, but one of the most dominate in the country out of every professional sport.

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