Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cards get blown out by the Brewers, losing 8-1 (last night)

Albert Pujols hit his 36th home-run of the season last night against the Brewers, but that was the only highlight of the game for the Cards. Starting pitcher Jaime Garcia has had high and low points all season; but, for the most part, has been consistent as of late. However, last night was an exception- Garcia only pitched four innings, and the gave up seven earned runs, off of seven hits.

Other than Pujols, the only other starters to get hits were Colby Rasmus, and catcher Matt Pagnozzi (who filled in for Yadier Molina). Brian Anderson also got a hit, but it came off of a pinch-hit.

The only other positive from last night's game, other than Albert's home-run, was Jason Motte. Motte just recently returned from injury, and has been a major asset for the Cards' bullpen; he pitched 1.1 innings without giving up a hit or a walk. Motte's return should benefit the Cards in September.

The Cardinals remain six games behind the Reds. Cincinnati has lost four games in a row, so the Cardinals had a chance to reduce their deficit to only four games, but failed to capitalize in the last two games. With only 25 games remaining, they are not out of the hunt, but they need to go on a tear if they want to make the playoffs. The Reds are cold right now, so losing the last two games could ultimately prove to be fatal. I fthe team doesn't get going right now, then they are done. 

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