Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rams vs. Raiders Preview

A quick preview for the Rams vs. Raiders game this afternoon, in Oakland...

Two sub-par teams, looking to make a name for themselves, will duke it out in Oakland,CA. The Rams have displayed a solid run-defense in the preseason, but their defense loosened up a bit against Arizona. The Raiders, a poor team that is primarily known for their defense, gave up 38 points to Tennessee, including over 200 yards rushing.

The Rams will look to expose the Raiders' poor run-defense that they displayed last week. Look for Steven Jackson to become the primary factor for the Rams' offense this week. Rookie Sam Bradford will have a role in the game, especially if the Raiders stack eight men in the box to stop Jackson, but either way, Bradford's role will be somewhat reduced from last week, where he threw the ball over 50 times.

The Raiders have some very young, and inexperienced players on offense in Darren McFadden, and Darius Heyward-Bey. They also have a new QB in Jason Campbell, who is learning a new system in Oakland. The youth on the Radiers' offense prevents it from being a dangerous threat. If the Raiders win, it will be because the Rams made too many mistakes on offense, and the Raiders' D showed up ready to play. But DT Richard Seymour being inactive today certainly helps the Rams' chances on offense.

When a team goes 1-15 the previous season, there are no easy games. But that doesn't mean that Oakland is not one of the easier teams on the Rams' schedule. Rams fans see Oakland on the schedule, and think to themselves "easy team, easy game"; but when Oakland looks at the schedule and sees St.Louis, they are thinking the exact same thing. Oakland is looking to bounce back from their embarrassing opening-day performance, so a win this week will not come easy, but it is definitely a possibility.

Inactive Players:

DT Clifton Ryan
TE Michael Hoomanawanui
CB Kevin Dockery
LB Chris Chamberlain
CB Justin King
WR Brandon Gibson
TE Fendi Onobun
G John Greco

Kyle Boller
CB Walter McFadden
RB Michael Bush
S Hiram Eugene
LB Travis Goethel
G Robert Gallery
WR Chaz Schillens
DT Richard Seymour

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