Friday, September 3, 2010

Video Update 9/3/10

Those of you is search for the video of Bradford's performance... It's not going to happen this week. I know the videos are the main attraction around here, so I apologize.

The local station that aired the game had the movie "Changing Lanes" in the time slot (when it was suppose to be the game). I didn't realize they were actually airing the game instead until about 30 minutes into the game. I saw last week that NFL Network would be airing the game at 8PM tonight, but they aren't airing the game anymore (or I misread it), so I won't be able to do a Bradford video this week.

Check back during the regular season, I'll continue to post video of Bradford's entire performance every game this season (which should be every offensive play). Hopefully by then I can figure out a more sophisticated way to record the videos, but no promises.

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-Steven G. of STLsportblog

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