Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rams vs Redskins Preview

Every season there are teams that overcome their past futility, and make a comeback. During the preseason, the Rams, and their fans, have been hoping that the Rams would be that team in 2010. But so far, the Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-0, but the Rams are 0-2.

An optimist would say that the Rams are two plays away from being 2-0; referring to the Clifton Ryan fumble against Arizona, and the Fred Robbins penalty against Oakland. But a pessimist does not care about those two plays, because those plays are just more excuses from a team that is full of excuses.

But whether or not you view the Rams' current 2010 season in rose-colored glasses, or in disgust, the only thing that matters is that the team is 0-2, but they are still in the hunt for the NFC West. So therefor, they will get back on the horse, and face the 1-1 Washington Redskins in St.Louis. 

Washington was one of only two teams that the Rams beat in 2008, and Washington barely pulled off a win over St.Louis in 2009. So despite the Rams futility the past few seasons, they have been able to stay competitive against the Redskins, and they even pulled off a win one of those games.

If you read my preseason preview on the 2010 season, then you  know that I am not buying into the Donnovan McNabb hype, and I don't believe that the Redskins suddenly became a solid team after signing him. But that doesn't mean that Washington does not have a solid defense, led by former-Ram LB London Fletcher, who is supported by star second-year player DE Brian Orakpo, and the troubled but dominate DT Albert Haynesworth.

Meanwhile, the Rams will have some rookies making their debuts. TE Fendi Onobun will likely receive playing time today, as tight-ends Mike Hoomanawanui, Daniel Fells, and Billy Bajema all have injuries. Onobun is a freak of an athlete; with blazing speed, and a great jumping ability he is an ideal receiver, but he struggles as a blocker. The other rookie that will likely get some playing time today is DT Jermelle Cudjo. Cudjo gained a solid reputation during the preseason, but has not seen a real NFL game yet.

The Rams offense will have their work cut out for them against this Redskins defense. But other than McNabb, the Redskins offense is nothing too dangerous. Expect a low scoring game, and expect the final score to favor the team that limits mistakes (which the Rams have not been able to do the past two weeks). If the Rams win today, the team just might receive the benefit of the doubt when discussing the first two games. But if the team loses, expect there to be pressure on this organization.

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