Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rams pull of epic choke on national television, losing to Seattle 16-6

Well if tonight was an audition for prime time games next season, the Rams failed miserably. There is not a single network that will want to put that garbage on prime time again.

The Rams entered Seattle as the heavy favorites, but a lack of offense cost them not only the game, but also the season. It's been happening all season long- a gutless offensive game plan that relies on a slightly above average defense. Many point out that the lack of play makers probably influences the game plan. That may be true, but how can anyone expect them to make big plays when they never get a chance? Practice makes it perfect, right?

The game was a disaster from the start. The 86 yard reception by... Ruvell Martin?... set up a touchdown, and that put the Rams in a bad situation from the start (An opening drive field-goal would've put the pathetic Rams offense into a bad situation).

It's not like Seattle piled it on and put the Rams in a situation that they could not recover from. The seven points by Seattle was their entire offensive production from the entire first half; and they only got a single field-goal in the 3rd quarter.

The Rams just had no ability to respond. Their three point first half performance should convince everyone that the offensive game planning is completely flawed. And the mental breakdowns in the second-half should convince everyone that the team lacks play-makers. It doesn't make sense why people think it has to be one or the other (the reason for the offensive futility), when it is clearly both.

Mix in the inevitable defensive breakdown midway through the second half, and the final result is exactly what happened tonight. It is something that has happened multiple times this season. Nine times to be exact.


Nothing: There really wasn't anything good about this game. The defense played real well at times, but that didn't last. And of course, the Rams get a nice draft pick in April (the 11th pick I believe), which puts them in the AJ Green sweepstakes.

Sam Bradford: Elevate the god damn ball. Three tips in one drive isn't enough for you to figure that out?

Danario Alexander: He dropped two big passes that certainly could've been game changers. They were very catchable balls.

Craig Dahl: His new nickname should be "Almost" for all of the times he almost makes the tackle, but ends up completely whiffing.

Ron Bartell: His holding penalty on Seattle's touchdown drive was a killer.

The Offensive-Line: They just flat out did not get it done. Their run blocking was decent at times, but they got overpowered for the most part.

Daniel Fells: He needs some credit here for having the most embarrassing drop of the game (maybe the season).

The Offensive Game Plan: Apparently the game plan was to run Steven Jackson only 11 times, and throw multiple four yard incompletions. And don't forget to completely exclude Mike Hoomanawanui from the game plan, he sucks.

The Offensive Performance: Between the multiple sacks, the dropped balls, and the other incompletions, this game would've been bad at any level, including little league football.

Laurent Robinson: I'm sure he will have a lot of time to think about his penalties and dropped balls next season when he's sitting at home.


S. Bradford19/3615501
S. Jackson1145013
K. Darby1707
S. Jackson439020
D. Fells339015
B. Gibson330014


C. Whitehurst22/3619210
M. Lynch2075024
C. Whitehurst83009
R. Martin385061
B. Obomanu539013
L. Washington324010

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