Saturday, January 15, 2011

McDaniels to interview with the Rams today

Mike Sando of ESPN has reported that the Rams will be conducting an interview with Josh McDaniels today (Saturday, January 15th) for the open Offensive-Coordinator position. As we all know, the position became vacant after Pat Shurmur accepted the head-coaching gig in Cleveland.

Critics question whether or not it would be wise for the Rams to bring in a new offensive scheme, especially considering that it's not ideal to put young quarterbacks (Sam Bradford) through multiple coordinators early on in his career (see Alex Smith). The constant switching of the play books and terminology can stunt the growth of young players. The McDaniels offense would be different than the West-Coast offense that the Rams have been running the past two seasons under Shurmur.

However, some believe that it is more important find the best candidate, and to find a coach that is quarterback friendly, rather than a less qualified coach that just happens to use a familiar system. Also, Bradford displayed an uncanny ability to learn fast in 2010, which won him the starting job by week 1.

One could also argue that the young Rams players on offense have even more experience in a high-octane spread offense, such as the one McDaniels runs, as oppose to the familiar west-coast offense. That experience comes from their college careers (See- Bradford, Amendola, Avery, Alexander, J.Smith, Saffold, Hoomanawanui, and Gilyard).

But as of now, McDaniels seems to be the clear front-runner according to the media, and he is the overwhelming favorite among St. Louis fans.

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