Tuesday, January 18, 2011

McDaniel's deal with the Rams nearly completed

As reported by ESPN's John Clayton, and as announced over KMOV during the 6:00 PM news, the Rams are apparently very close to completing a deal with Josh McDaniels, which would make him the new Offensive-Coordinator.

Clayton has actually reported that the deal is already done, but there has been no official information released that either confirms, or denies the report.

Also, Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network said that that he believes McDaniels will make his official decision within the next 24 hours. Lombardi also added that McDaniels will likely choose the Rams over the Minnesota Vikings.

McDaniels is the overwhelming fan favorite for the open position, so if the Rams hire anyone other than McDaniels then there would likely be an angry outcry from the fan base.

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