Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update: Rams sign McDaniels as OC

Just a few hours ago a made a post stating the possibility of the Rams losing McDaniels to Seattle. I speculated that the move was a result of the Rams' avoidable procrastination. I also theorized that the procrastination may have been a result of coach Steve Spagnuolo wanting to wait for a chance to interview his friend Brad Childress.

Fortunately, the speculation was misguided and incorrect. The Rams have announced that they have reached a deal with Josh McDaniels to take over for Pat Shurmur as the offensive-coordinator. Shurmur was recently hired by the Cleveland Brows as their new head-coach.

McDaniels comes with an impressive resume. For starters, he is known to be good with quarterbacks. He turned the formerly mediocre Kyle Orton into a top-tier passer; and he also jumped started the career of Matt Cassel, who had previously not started a single game since high-school.

On top of his quarterback coaching skills, which could greatly benefit Sam Bradford, he was also the coordinator for the New England Patriots from 2006-2008, meaning he was the man behind the Patriot's record setting 2007 season, which featured possibly the best offense in NFL history. Tom Brady threw 50 touchdown passes that season.

The signing has been confirmed in this article by NFL.com- http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81dc4f99/article/mcdaniels-signs-agreement-to-become-rams-oc?module=breaking_news

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