Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rams pass on Moss

The St. Louis Rams decided to to put a claim in on WR Randy Moss as he passed through waivers. The team that ultimately won the "Moss Sweepstakes" was the Tennessee Titans. Had the Rams put a claim in, they would've been awarded Moss instead of the Titans, because the Rams are rated higher on the waiver order.

It is really no surprise that General Manager Billy Devaney took the moral high ground. He's been doing it ever since he arrived in St. Louis, and has never shown any interest in players with questionable character defects; other than that whole Terrel Owens spectacle, and the drafting of CB Bradley Fletcher in 2009 (Fletcher was convicted of a D.U.I. prior to the draft).

It is easy to understand why Devaney wouldn't want a player like Vincent Jackson, or Michael Vick. Those players have bad personalities, and they would also require contracts, meaning that the team would be stuck with them for a while.

Moss, on the other had, wouldn't have cost the Rams any players or draft picks, and the Rams would've had the option of cutting him at anytime without losing anything. Moss also would've helped the Rams' injury struck wide-receiver core, as they Rams have already lost two number one receivers this season (Donnie Avery and Mark Clayton).

It seems that the Rams will be forced to wait until 2011 before any relief at the wide-receiver position arrives. 

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