Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rams' Future WR Watch: Week 10-11

 AJ Green was able to tear apart the number two ranked Auburn team with 9 yards for 164 yards and two touchdowns. His team (Georgia) lost the game 49-31, but his performance was impressive nonetheless. Green is showing every week that he is clearly to top receiver in college football.

Dez Bryant was the top receiving prospect in 2010, and it was Michael Crabtree in 2009. However, Green is not a Bryant or Crabtree, he is closer to a Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. If the Rams fail to win the NFC West this year, then AJ Green would certainly be a nice consolation prize. 

AJ Green: Week 10 vs Idaho St.- 6rec 103yds 2td Week 11 @ Auburn- 9rec 164yds 2td
SEASON- 41rec 674yds 9td

Michael Floyd: Week 10 vs Utah- 4rec 39yds 1td
SEASON- 59rec 767yds 9td

Julio Jones: Week 10 vs Mississippi St.- 3rec 41yds
SEASON- 58rec 799yds 4td

Jon Baldwin: Week 10 @ Connecticut- 6rec 95yds 1td
SEASON- 39rec 641yds 5td

Ryan Broyles: Week 10 @ Texas A&M- 8rec 59yds Week 11 vs Texas Tech- 8rec 119yds 3td
SEASON- 94rec 1196yds 11td

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