Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rams' Future WR Watch: Week 12

I think the Rams need to enter the 2011 draft knowing they will do anything in their power to come away with either AJ Green or Julio Jones (I think that they should sign one of the top receivers via free-agency as well, but that's another story). If Green falls out of the top five, then they need to seriously consider trading up for him. If not, then I think Julio Jones would be a nice consolation prize. At first I liked Michael Floyd slightly better than Jones; simply because I liked Floyd's production a little more, and Jones has a history of dropping balls. But given Jones' measurables, and the fact he is having another productive year, I think Jones has the edge over Floyd. If the Rams aren't in a position to get a receiver in the first round, then the best of the rest (Floyd, Broyles, Baldwin) are all solid options in the second round.

AJ Green: Did not have a game this past Saturday.
SEASON- 41rec 674yds 9td

Michael Floyd: Week 12 vs Army- 3rec 63yds 0td 
SEASON- 62rec 830yds 9td

Julio Jones: Week 12 vs Georgia St.- 7rec 86yds 2td 
SEASON- 65rec 885yds 6td

Jon Baldwin: Week 12 @ S.Florida- 3rec 36yds 0td 
SEASON- 42rec 677yds 5td

Ryan Broyles: Week 12 @ Baylor- 12rec 113yds 1td 
SEASON- 106rec 1309yds 12td

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