Monday, November 15, 2010

Rams @ 49er's The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

-Every loss this year has been a lot easier to take than usual, and the reason for that is Sam Bradford. Since there weren't a lot of high expectations for this year anyway, and since the future is so bright with Bradford, it is easy to to forget about the losses in 2010, and ponder the future with Bradford, who is obviously the next big time quarterback in this league. Bradford completed 30 out of 42 passes today for 251 yards and a touchdown (zero interceptions). His only glaring mistake today was when he overthrew a wide open Danny Amendola on a bomb that would've resulted in a touchdown.

-Amendola had a solid game, and he has been able to find the end-zone ever since Mark Clayton was put on the injury-reserve list. Amendola failed to find the end-zone the entire time Clayton was healthy, but ever since Clayton's injury Amendola has scored three touchdowns, and has had a touchdown in each of the last three games. He nearly had two touchdowns today, if it weren't for Bradford overthrowing him as mentioned above.

-The defense really played a good game. It is easy to look at the 4th-and-18 they gave up, because had they stopped the 49er's on that play the Rams would've won the game. But that doesn't change the fact that they sacked the quarterback four times, and held the 49er's to under 100 yards rushing combined (which is great, considering they have a top-tier running-back, and a quarterback with scrambling abilities). It was a solid effort, but a few big plays spoiled it.

-The defense had a solid outing in my opinion, but the thing that really killed them was their inability to create any turnovers. Turnovers are just a bonus, but had the turnover ratio been in the Rams' favor, then they probably would've won today.

-Roger Saffold's ankle injury was pretty scary. He should probably be considered the best offensive-lineman for the Rams, and his departure did not help. It was announced that his return to the game today was questionable (although he never returned), so hopefully that's a good sign that he'll be ready to go next week.

-There were two instances where WR Brandon Gibson had a shot at getting a first down, but instead of diving forward he "danced" around, and got tackled short of the line. Hopefully he takes a good look at the game film and fixes the problem, because he is now the number two receiver, and an inability to dive for extra yards could prove to be critical in the future.

-Pat Shurmur's play calling is absolutely insane. Shurmur has been criticized all season for his overly conservative play scripts, and today it lost them another game. All season long, when the Rams have had a slight lead in the second half, he acts as though they are winning by 30 points. It cost the Rams the games against Arizona, Oakland, and Tampa Bay; and it nearly cost them the game against San Diego. Now you can add San Francisco to that list. Run on first down, run on second down, incomplete pass on third down, then punt... Can someone please tell him that any half decent Mighty Mite's coach can game plan for that? Having one three-and-out after another while the team is trying to put the game away is absolutely ridiculous.

Whether he has the offensive firepower or not, his inability to learn from mistakes is inexcusable; the lack of firepower is no excuse, because it is his job to be creative and overcome injuries. Despite the injuries, the offense has been able to move the ball and score when he calls the right plays; the offense only goes dead in the second half, when he is too scared to call the right plays.


  1. Shurmer is doing the best he can with what he has. He is not all to blame IMO. He along with Sam will get better. Sam upside is so scary, he could be Peyton/Brady like. I feel like he will dominate the west for many years. This team will be a force to come, I am so happy. We are being spoiled at the moment.

    Sam Bradford (first 9 games): 201-of-334 (60.18%) for 1925 yards, 12 TD, 8 INT
    Peyton Manning (first 9 games): 183-of-334 (54.79%) for 2013 yards, 12 TD, 18 INT

  2. I would agree with you, and I have thought about that in the past; but I have also read some good points stating that this offense can move the ball and score in the first half when Shurmur asks them to.

    The games always slip away in the second half, and I feel that is at least partially due to the safe play calling. I don't blame him for playing it safe (because of the lack of fire power), but that doesn't change the fact that the play calling isn't effecting the offensive production in the second half.

  3. You suffer from SELECTIVE VIEWING. Go back and watch this game from the end of the 3rd on. It was about 80% pass plays for the Rams. Bradford had Amendola open deep at the end of the 3rd and missed him. Several other passes were either off target or dropped. It sure wasnt conservative play calling that cost the Rams this game. Other games perhaps...not this one. Allowing the 4th and 18 conversion to Gore was probably the ball breaker last Sunday. Open your eyes.

  4. I understand what you are trying to say, but I'm not talking about the 3rd quarter when they came out of the half tied, and they needed to score to take the lead.

    I am talking about the 4th quarter. They had only a 7 point lead, and they had four '3-and-outs' in a row. And guess what? There was only ONE pass attempted for over ten yards in all four of those drives combined, and that was only a 12 yard route. Go ahead and check. So how is that not conservative?

    The team should have never been in the position to let that 4th-and-18 hurt them. They chose to try and sneak away with that small lead, and it cost them.

    I have a hard time believing that the defense, which was pressuring San Francisco all day, is responsible. Out of four defensive drives in the last quarter, they forced two 3-and-outs, one field-goal, and then the touchdown on the 49er's final drive. But what else can you expect after FOUR 3-and-outs in a row by the offense? The D had to be winded.