Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rams lose to Falcons 34-17: Post-Game

The Rams were able to stay competitive for the most part, but the Falcons, who are the top ranked team in ESPN's power rankings, were just too much for the young Rams team.

Both teams were forced to punt on their first drives, but the Rams ultimately were able to strike first. On the Rams' second drive of the game, QB Sam Bradford completed a pass to WR Laurent Robinson to the 28-yard line. After the big completion, Bradford was able to hit TE Mike Hoomanawanui for a touchdown, giving the Rams a 7-0 lead.

The Falcons were able to answer back on the next drive with a field-goal, and the Rams answered with a field-goal of their own on the following drive. This made the score 10-3.

After the Rams' field-goal, Atlanta was able to make a 55-yard kick return to the Rams 47-yard line. The NFL's top receiver, Atlanta's Roddy White, then caught a first down, which turned into big trouble after Rams' FS OJ Atogwe was called for unnecessary roughness on the play; that set up a 12-yard touchdown reception by Atlanta WR Brian Finneran, tying the score at 10-10.

The scoring didn't end there for Atlanta. They were able to score field-goals on their next two drives, which were also their last two drives of the half. This ended the half with a 16-10 lead over the Rams.

The Rams entered to 2nd half with some momentum. Atlanta got the ball to start the half, and the Rams' defense forced a punt, a punt that Danny Amendola returned  to Atlanta's 37-yard line. RB Steven Jackson then broke free for a 21-yard run, which was followed by a 9-yard Amendola reception, which set up a touchdown pass from Bradford to WR Brandon Gibson. This gave the Rams the lead once again, 17-16.

On the Falcon's second drive after the Rams touchdown, the Rams defense really started to fall apart. Atogwe was injured on the drive, which really opened up the passing game. Atlanta's Matt Ryan was able to hit TE Justin Peelle for two big completions, including a touchdown, making the score 23-17 Atlanta's lead.

Atlanta was able to get a field-goal on the next drive, making the score 26-17, which gave the Rams the ball back with just over three minutes left in the game. The drive by the Rams looked to be promising. TE Daniel Fells started it off with a first down reception, and Robinson caught the next first down for a 19-yard gain to Atlanta's 36-yard line. After a first down catch by Amendola, he caught another pass, which took the ball to the 2-yard line.

At the 2-yard line the Rams made a fatal mistake. The Rams have not exactly been a solid goal-line team to begin with, but when Bradford had a shovel pass intercepted by Atlanta's William Moore, it made their goal-line offense look that much worse. That was the final nail in the coffin for the Rams.

Atlanta, on their last drive of the game, scored another touchdown after RB Michael Turner broke free into the secondary, and eventually into the end-zone. This made the score 32-17, so when Atlanta decided to go for the 2-point conversion, it naturally attracted a very negative reaction by the fans at the Edward Jones Dome. As if the Falcons going for two wasn't insulting enough, the Rams let them get it, making the final score 34-17.


S. Bradford 27/42 233 2 1
S. Jackson 11 54 0 16
S. Bradford 1 17 0 17
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
D. Amendola 8 63 0 18
L. Robinson 5 55 0 24
M. Hoomanawanui 4 46 1 25T
B. Gibson 5 42 1 13T
D. Fells 1 11 0 11
B. Bajema 1 9 0 9
S. Jackson 3 7 0 9

M. Ryan 26/39 253 2 0
M. Turner 28 131 1 39T
M. Ryan 1 8 0 8
J. Snelling 1 2 0 2
A. Smith 1 -3 0 -3
Receiving REC YDS TD LG
R. White 9 83 0 26
M. Jenkins 5 58 0 19
T. Gonzalez 4 46 0 16
J. Snelling 3 26 0 15
E. Weems 1 18 0 18
J. Peelle 2 14 1 12
B. Finneran 1 12 1 12T
M. Turner 1 -4 0 -4

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